Limited Lifetime Warranty

We offer limited lifetime warranty on all parts and labor. If for any reason an issue from the original work order recurs, we will perform the service again at no extra charge. All parts used to service your device are also guaranteed for life (besides water damaged phones, or batteries, or unless otherwise stated). The guarantee does not cover issues that may develop within the guarantee period that are not related to services performed or to the original issue or symptom diagnosed and repaired. Any physical damage caused by the customer to the device will void the warranty.

  Lifetime warranty


Warranty Does Not Protect Against


After UWS repairs the device, the warranty does not protect against:

  • Subsequent mishandling that causes the frame to bend, twist, or crack
  • Water damage
  • To much pressure applied to the screen will damage LCD/Black-Out or
  • produces vertical or horizontal line damage.
  • Subsequent accidental or purposeful drops
  • Tampering with internal hardware
  • Damage resulting from attempted customer repairs
  • Software issues unrelated to the repair
  • Jailbroken devices
  • New damages unrelated to the original repair
  • Any loss of data occurring as a result of the repair 

Our warranty also does not cover the outcome of a repair if certain pre-repair conditions exist, including:

  • Existence of known manufacturing and/or performance issues related to the device separate from the repair, as noted prior to the repair
  • Existence of damage to the frame of the device, as noted prior to the repair
  • Water damage
  • Jailbroken devices
  • Tampering with internal hardware: under certain conditions, internal damage may make a repair impossible. Your tech or repair specialist will be able to explain in further detail upon diagnosing your specific device. If in doubt, we recommend that you do not attempt to repair on your own, as any damage may affect the reparability of your device.
  • a NON-Working, damaged, or severed home button/Bio-Metric scanner

The warranty is valid only for the specific device repaired and the original customer; it is not transferable across devices or if the device is sold or given to another individual.


Terms & Conditions


By entering into this agreement, the Customer contracts UWS to examine, assess and detect any defects in their equipment/data/media, and to render any additional services as requested by the Customer, which are outlined in the attached work order that constitutes a portion of this agreement. The Customer warrants that it legally owns the hardware that UWS is to inspect, and that all equipment/data/media are either owned by the Customer or licensed to them.



UWS agrees to uphold the confidentiality of the Customer’s information and to handle such data with the same level of care as it treats its own data. All customer data, information, and equipment furnished to or retrieved by UWS will be regarded as confidential and proprietary to the Customer.


Manufacturer Warranty May Be Void 

UWS will not be held responsible to the Customer if the manufacturer’s warranty becomes void as a result of any action taken by UWS concerning the equipment/data/media.

Authorize Evaluation Process and Diagnosis Fee

By selecting “Yes,” you authorize UWS to commence an evaluation promptly and charge an evaluation fee based on the chosen service level outlined in the attached work order, thereby agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

Repair Risks

Electronic repairs are inherently unpredictable, and there is a possibility that your device may be beyond repair or may become permanently damaged during the repair process, rendering it useless. The deterioration of circuit board components over time can cause them to fail without warning, particularly on liquid-damaged devices where components may short-circuit, oxidize, corrode, and rust over time.

Repairs on devices with glued-on screens, such as iPads, require prying the screen to access internal components, which can result in the delicate screen cracking or breaking. While our team is highly experienced and takes precautions to minimize the risk of screen breakage, it is still possible for the glass to break, and there are inherent risks involved.

During the repair process, there is a possibility that Touch ID/Face ID on Apple devices may fail and become unusable. While this is not a common occurrence, it can happen depending on the condition of the device.


Although we strive to provide a comprehensive estimate, please note that it may not be final or all-inclusive. Certain device issues may not be identifiable until after work has commenced. In such cases, our estimates may evolve or change during the course of servicing your device. We will promptly inform you if our technicians need to update the estimate, and no work will proceed until you approve any changes. The initial estimate will remain valid within the scope of the services it was originally attached to. However, we may advise you if the original service is no longer necessary or unlikely to resolve the issue. It is the customer’s responsibility to request an estimate or quote. Upon receipt of the device, we assume that the customer wishes us to proceed with the repair attempt and has already sought out an estimate or quote. If an estimate or quote is required, it is the customer’s responsibility to request one in advance.

Pickup Time Limit And Storage

Due to our limited storage capacity, UWS will retain devices for up to 30 days following notification of completion. If we do not hear from you within the 30-day period, your device will be deemed abandoned, and UWS reserves the right to recover service and part costs by selling the device or recycling it if it is non-functional. We cannot guarantee that your equipment will not be discarded after the initial 30-day period; therefore, it is imperative that you collect your equipment promptly or arrange for storage with UWS. In the event that you make arrangements to collect your equipment after 30 days, a monthly storage fee of $40 will apply.